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Did the Long March from Mao to Ming—around Tian’men square and through the Forbidden City. Ate in the Red Stone restaurant after, wolfing down braised tofu and lotus stuffed with sticky rice (sweet) Lunch was my beloved noodle soup (80 centimes!)

And now for my 10 Surprises:

1. Facebook and Tumblr are blocked in China (duh).

2. Metro is super-easy with signs and instructions in English plus helpers in uniform to sort out the confused.

3. A young woman noticed me puzzling over my map and offered directions.

4. A luscious assortment of fresh fruit in street stalls including strawberries amd blackberries.

5. Other westerners are rarissimo!

6. Uggs are also a craze here.

7.Roast sweet potatoes sold on streetcorners.

8. Guards at Tian’men square pose for pictures with tourists.

9. Baggage xray to board a metro just like the airport!

10. Most furniture in the forbidden city was spirited out by the British and Chiang Kai Chek.


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