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Since I didn’t achieve my goal, the Baisse de Peluna, I would consider it a failed hike. Yet, I learned a lot and intend to try again when I have more time.

I parked near the tourist office in La Brigue and found the beginning of the hike at Balise 44. It was near noon when I started. The path was easy and relatively shady with good views.


After Balise 46, the path got slightly steeper and rockier but still was great views over the valley.

View from Baisse de Peluna

All was well until I reached a fork in the path.

Balise to Baisse de Peluna

First I took the left fork but I didn’t see another balise so I assumed it must be wrong and headed to the left fork. It was an easier and less rocky walk with a gentle incline but as I walked for about 20 minutes without seeing a balise I realized that it couldn’t be the route to Baisse de Peluna. It was a shepherd’s path that just meandered in the hills.

I found a flat rock to eat my sandwich and enjoy the view but decided to head down.

View from Baisse de Peluna

Back at the fork I decided to climb a little further along the left fork and finally did come to a balise. The right road! Unfortunately, I could see the sun starting to slip behind the hills and figured that I had better head down the way I came before the temperature dropped with the disappearing sun.

There were a few tricky spots descending but it all went well. I arrived back at the beginning around 3pm, about 3 hours after I started.

As most of the route is in shade, this would be a great summer walk. To complete the circuit in winter it would be best to arrive no later than 10.30am.








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