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As there was no parking around the monastery of Saorge, I couldn’t do my planned hike to Chapelle St Croix, so I parked down here at Balise 161 and took a wide track that curved around a gorge.


It was an easy walk as the path sloped gently downwards.


It was beautiful but definitely not a hike for summer as it faced directly south.img_20160925_120114340After about a 1/2 hour I followed the sign to Chapelle Sainte Anne which took me up a fairly steep and extremely narrow path. It was a bit overgrown but I kept following the yellow markings until I got to theĀ  top a little breathless and more than a little sweaty.

No Chapelle Sainte Anne, but a nice shack with some shade and a fair amount of flies. I couldn’t find the path to the Chapelle Sainte Anne and was getting hot so I set about heading back to Saorge.


The path was narrow and descended slightly. Finally I got to Balise 163 which pointed me back to Saorge.

Here is a view of Chapelle Saint Croix.


An easy and very sunny walk brought me back to the Franciscan Monastery with this splendid view of Saorge.


It was an easy and sunny three hours.


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