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Pingyao is in China’s Shanxi province, one of the regions pummeled by the worst sandstorm of the year. It doesn’t feel like a storm as there is little wind. It feels like you are living inside a desert: not on a desert but within the sand and dust. Visibility is about 50 meters. It’s not a yellow haze as in Beijing; it’s grayish and completely miserable. Because the dust is so fine, breathing it is really sickening. This is much, much worse than Tunisia. I had planned to cycle 6km to see a temple but merely walking to the end of the street makes me nauseous. For some reason, it’s much worse than yesterday. In Beijing, authorities warned that air quality had reached hazardous levels; I’m sure that’s the case here. So I’m hanging out in the hostel, catching up on reading. My train to Xian leaves at 1am so I have a lot of time. I so hope the air is better in Xian.


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