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At 8am on the morning of the wedding the groom and his band of buddies show up.

The bridesmaids gather behind the gated entranceway to the bride’s house and demand that the guys present these red envelopes as “tickets”.

Once in, more tests await before the groom may pass inside. Can you do this?

They sure do try.

And then a little taste test. Yummy? Not.

Looks OK but it’s actually mustard. Yuck.

Now the groom must pick out the one lipstick kiss planted by his bride.

Once the guys pass all the tests, the bridesmaids finally allow the groom to fetch his bride.

The morning fun closes with the traditional tea ceremony. Here the mother and father of the bride are served tea.

Then the bride and her troupe head over to the groom’s place for the big payback!

The afternoon is devoted to resting up for the big night and a trip to the hairdresser’s.

Even the dog gets dressed up!

And then it’s on to the reception hall, prepared for a crowd of over 700!

Culminating in a fabulous feast of fine Chinese cuisine.



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