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After a 3 hour flight, I was glad to relax over mint tea in the Riad Agdem right in the heart of the Medina. The little hotel has only been open 6 months so the traditional Moroccan style is brand new! The cinnamon and chocolate colors are cooling after the 30° heat outdoors. I think I’m in the harem suite.


Staying in the heart of the Medina is great because you can go outside and immediately get lost. Really, really lost. I knew I needed a strategy or I’d miss my home cooked dinner at the hotel and they’d find me years later looking like this:


I decided to take pictures of my route as I went along so I could consult my gallery and find my way back.

It sort of worked. I was quickly transfixed by shop after shop with jewelry, djellabas, tea sets, pottery, sandals, dates and many, many herbal-essence cures. There was so much to peruse. Contrary to my expectations, I was not given a hard sell and was left more or less in peace to wander.

My photo series helped a little in getting back but what really helped was showing a picture of a place I wanted to reach and asking how to get there.


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