End of the Silk Road

It was pouring rain when I woke up in Bukhara. I was informed that the wet weather was most unusual for this time of year.

I packed and headed to the markets to pick up some jewelry I had scoped out in the last few days and bought some snacks for the train journey back to Tashkent.

I had arranged with the taxi driver who took me around yesterday to drive me to the train station but he didn’t show up!

It was a mad scramble but the owner of the Mukhlisabegim guesthouse quickly arranged for another driver and walked with me through the pouring rain to the taxi stop.

The train was nearly full but it was a comfortable enough six-hour ride to Tashkent. I arrived late and check into the Rooms Inn Hotel a new, modern and comfortable place.

It was still pouring the following day which discouraged further sightseeing in Tashkent. I headed over to the Abulkasim Medressa which had been turned into an artisan’s school. I planned to buy a carved walnut box but the size wasn’t right for its purpose so I bought a lovely hand-painted miniature that fit well into my suitcase.

Then I treated myself to a massive feast in a Korean restaurant that cost all of $13.

The trip back was extremely arduous: a flight to Almaty, five hours waiting for a 4am flight to Frankfurt; seven hours on a plane; another five hours waiting for a flight to Nice. I never want to see the inside of an airport again. Except I certainly will. Inshallah.


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